Coalesce: A City Composed is a new multimedia collaboration by emerging Arizona-based artists. Megan Jonas, a visual artist and Phoenix native, and Jordan Ignacio, a musician and recent East Coast transplant, create a series of works in which paintings and musical scores form cohesive pieces intended to be experienced together. The music builds and dissolves in response to stages of the unfinished painting, while the paintings are subtly influenced by the musical works-in-progress, forming a symbiotic feedback loop. The works interpret the excitement and monotony of life in the urban desert sprawl from the diverse perspectives of the native and the newcomer. The tunnels, alleyways, tract homes, and intersections depicted and the musical accompaniment interact in ways both harmonious and dissonant.

Megan's Artist Statement
I like to be on location, working from what I see. I am documenting the environment for which my life takes place. When I am drawing, I focus on lines and trace shadows rather than filling them in with solid tones. When I am painting, I have two goals: represent the location accurately enough so that someone familiar with the area would be able to recognize the location; cover the entire panel with paint. This project is an experiment, depicting the city at times of the day that offer distinct lighting.

Jordan's Artist Statement
These songs are born of pure admiration. They are my attempt to catch the sparks of falling in love at first sight with a friend's creation before they cool and settle into beautiful, but different, forms in my life. I approached each song with careful intention to abandon any notions of what I might find. My aim was to capture each feeling that welled up from within, at the moment of beholding, starting with the best instrument to convey those emotions, and puncture the creative cloud, releasing a deluge of sound, like the flood from the firmament.

Sunrise, 2015
Acrylic on board with bass guitar, electric guitar, steel drum, drum kit, alarm clock

Day, 2015
Acrylic on board with 12-string guitar, banjo, keyboard, cello, percussion, vocals

Sunset, 2015
Acrylic on board with harpsichord, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, rhodes, bells, bass guitar, percussion, vocals

Night, 2015
Acrylic on board with electric guitar, rhodes, bongos, tapping, shaker, tambourine, bass guitar, organ, grand piano, static

24" x 20" | 01:56

20" x 24" | 01:42

20" x 20" | 02:11

20" x 20" | 02:35

Megan Jonas was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 and is a life-long Arizona resident currently based in the Sunnyslope area. She attended the New School for the Arts before graduating from the Art Institute of Phoenix. She is known for her distinctly fluid sketching style and is currently focused on plein air landscape painting. She works year-round to interpret power lines, palm tress, utility poles and other urban trappings in unexpected and often beatified ways despite harsh working conditions.
| meganjonas.com

Jordan Ignacio was born in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1985 and recently relocated to Phoenix. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who collects vintage keyboards and synthesizers along with guitars and other instruments. Working as The Languid Current he creates “happy-sad music for happy-sad people” that dispenses with musical stereotypes in favor of charting complex emotional paths over the course a song. In that sense, he is more influenced by film scores than by rock music, and has scored a number of films in recent years.
| jordanignacio.com

Exhibit Contents
Wall 1: Four works (paintings with listening stations)
Wall 2: LCD screen with documentary footage of the works-in-progress
Wall 3: 10-15 related acrylic on board and watercolor on paper urban landscapes

Exhibit Sketch