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Documentary · USA · 2017 · 70 Minutes · HD · Color · 2.39:1 · Stereo · English

Best Documentary, Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde 2018, Paris, France
Best Arizona Feature, Phoenix Film Festival 2018, Phoenix, AZ, USA
"The connectivity of creation that artists share is examined with profound beauty and sensitivity..."
4.5/5, Simon Foster via Screen-Space
"An honest and insightful film which unravels the intimate connection between authors..."
Cinemateca Uruguaya

Upcoming Screenings
22-29 June
SCENECS International Debut Film Festival
Hilversum, Netherlands

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA - A visual artist and a musician search for beauty and inspiration in the alleyways, intersections, power lines, and utility poles of a sprawling desert city. An intimate portrait of creation and collaboration as painter Megan Jonas and composer Jordan Ignacio create four new works. Featuring ground-breaking animation that brings painting and music to life in ways never seen before.

Director's Statement
I set out to capture the creative process from an intimate perspective usually reserved for the artists themselves: the texture of the paint and the vibration of the strings. My lenses were manually operated from invasive angles, often a few inches from the panel or instrument, always moving in sync with the artist. I used voice over narration to gain insight into the unspoken threads of inspiration and creativity that connect the artist with their surroundings. I consider the film an impression of a song that is an impression of a painting that is an impression of a city.

Director's Biography
Joshua J. Provost is self-taught filmmaker born in Boston and based in Phoenix, USA. He has produced over thirty short films and music videos as a partner in Matter of Chance Productions. His most recent short film "L'amour en cinq parties" played at more than forty international film festivals, winning Best Experimental Film at Faludi Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary. "Coalesce: A City Composed" is his debut feature-length film, a documentary about the city he lives in and the art that it inspires.

Film & Productions Stills

Joshua Provost, Matter of Chance Productions
3010 W Sentinel Rock Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85086, USA
online: matterofchance.com
email: joshprovost@yahoo.com
mobile: +1 602 628 6223

Megan Jonas was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 and is a life-long Arizona resident currently based in the Sunnyslope area. She attended the New School for the Arts before graduating from the Art Institute of Phoenix. She is known for her distinctly fluid sketching style and is currently focused on plein air landscape painting. She works year-round to interpret power lines, palm tress, utility poles and other urban trappings in unexpected and often beatified ways despite harsh working conditions.
| meganjonas.com

Jordan Ignacio was born in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1985 and spent nearly four years in Phoenix. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who collects vintage keyboards and synthesizers along with guitars and other instruments. Working as The Languid Current he creates “happy-sad music for happy-sad people” that dispenses with musical stereotypes in favor of charting complex emotional paths over the course a song. In that sense, he is more influenced by film scores than by rock music, and has scored a number of films in recent years.
| thelanguidcurrent.bandcamp.com